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Templar Tours Dublin

Templar Tours Dublin provides day trips from Dublin Ireland focusing on the Knights Templar, the Knights Hospitaller, the Knights of St. Patrick and the Freemasons.

Day Trips from Dublin

Our day tour is an exploration of Dublin’s hidden history.
We show you the castles and cathedrals connected to secretive orders which haved formed a part of the history of
Ireland’s capital city.

Dublin Tours

Unlike any other Dublin day trip, our tour covers a history that most people are unaware of and shows you a side of the city that few have seen. Templar Tours Dublin gives tours for those who want to get off the beaten track and learn some of the hidden history of Ireland.

Our Tour Reviews
  • Templar Tours Dublin Captivating!
    Dara's presentation was captivating. He was easy to listen to; knowledgeable and well informed; witty; relevant; superb timing. The entire tour was well organised, especially the check-in process and directions to the meeting point.
    Five Stars
    5.0 Stars Brian Cripps
  • Templar Tours Dublin Day Tours in Dublin
    Dara was brilliant. Very funny, full of interesting information.
    Five Stars
    5.0 Stars Donald Robson
  • Templar Tours Dublin Day Tour from Dublin
    The tour was interesting and helpful.
    Five Stars
    5.0 Stars Florentina Popa
  • Templar Tours Dublin Tours Dublin
    Very knowledgeable and informative guide with an excellent mix of humour and reverence.
    Five Stars
    5.0 Stars Day Michael
  • Templar Tours Dublin Tours Dublin Ireland
    Made the tour very enjoyable with great sense of humour and excellent knowledge. All questions were answered very well. We were given a tour that we will remember for a very long time.
    Five Stars
    5.0 Stars David Griffiths
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