Tours of Ireland Reviews

The following are reviews of our Dublin tours. We email each client who takes a tour with us we ask them to rank the tour from 1 (Awful) to 5 (Fantastic). We are glad to say we have received nothing but five stars so far.

Templar Tours Dublin Fantastic Dublin Tour!
Dara was extremely informative, easy to understand and a great story teller. We felt fortunate to have him as our guide.
Five Stars
5.0 Stars Vanderlinde Donna
Templar Tours Dublin Best Tours of Ireland
Dara took us on a very informative tour. His commentary had just the right mix of humour and it was very interesting. I was not bored once.
Five Stars
5.0 Stars Marina Brun
Templar Tours Dublin Dublin Day Tours
Dara combined his very informative explanation with some great gems of humour. Missed his vocation...unless I did see him on Father Ted!
Five Stars
5.0 Stars Noel Lambert
Templar Tours Dublin Day Trips from Dublin Ireland
Dara was knowledgeable and funny, kept our interest and made sure we got the best experience possible.
Five Stars
5.0 Stars Mandy Anderson
Templar Tours Dublin Tours from Dublin
Dara made the tour very easy & extremely to understand He is a excellent guide funny yet made the History exciting thank u for a great guide.
Five Stars
5.0 Stars Susan Spargo
Templar Tours Dublin Captivating!
Dara's presentation was captivating. He was easy to listen to; knowledgeable and well informed; witty; relevant; superb timing. The entire tour was well organised, especially the check-in process and directions to the meeting point.
Five Stars
5.0 Stars Brian Cripps
Templar Tours Dublin Day Tours in Dublin
Dara was brilliant. Very funny, full of interesting information.
Five Stars
5.0 Stars Donald Robson
Templar Tours Dublin Day Tour from Dublin
The tour was interesting and helpful.
Five Stars
5.0 Stars Florentina Popa
Templar Tours Dublin Tours Dublin
Very knowledgeable and informative guide with an excellent mix of humour and reverence.
Five Stars
5.0 Stars Day Michael
Templar Tours Dublin Tours Dublin Ireland
Made the tour very enjoyable with great sense of humour and excellent knowledge. All questions were answered very well. We were given a tour that we will remember for a very long time.
Five Stars
5.0 Stars David Griffiths
Templar Tours Dublin Irish Tours from Dublin
Both my husband and I were impressed with Dara's performance the tours organized set up. On a truly hot hot day at the hight of tourist season, Dara made the tour as accomodating as possible while also keeping all of us as involved as possible.
Five Stars
5.0 Stars Lin Gilliland
Templar Tours Dublin Dublin Ireland Day Tours
Dara was great. One of the best tours we ever had. Very knowledgeable. Well worth the money. Jim.
Five Stars
5.0 Stars James Fisicaro
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