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The Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller owned churches, castles and lands throughout Europe stretching from the Middle East to the west coast of Ireland. Here in Dublin they owned many properties including Clontarf Castle, much of Kilmainham and the Phoenix Park. Often agents of the English government in Ireland they were instrumental in the life of the medieval city until their suppression in the 14th century. The Templars were tried in St. Patrick's Cathedral and detained in Dublin Castle with their properties transferred to the Knights Hospitallers. The Hospitallers are still alive today in the Order of Malta and some believe the Templar's rituals and secrets rest with the Freemasons.

Templar Tours Dublin

We were founded in 2016 by Dara McCarthy, a Dubliner who worked as a Vatican tour guide in Rome Italy for four years (2009 to 2012) and who took almost 40,000 people through the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church.

Returning to Dublin in 2013 he took up work at Glasnevin Cemetery, the national necropolis where most of Ireland's famous politicians are buried, the General Post Office - Headquarters of the 1916 Easter Rising and continued to do tours of the rest of Dublin.

Fascinated that orders such as the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller had castles and a history so far away from their centres of activity in Palestine and France, he created this walking tour of Dublin city.

This tour focuses on a side of Dublin that most people are unaware of. While it covers the general history of Dublin and and famous sites such as St. Patrick's Cathedral and Dublin Castle, it focuses on a history most Dubliners are unaware of .

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Dublin Driving Tour

See Clontarf Castle, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin Castle Grounds, Phoenix Park Dublin and Kilmainham.

€300 in total for 2 - 5 people.

3 Hours Duration in English

Our Tour Reviews
  • Templar Tours Dublin Captivating!
    Dara's presentation was captivating. He was easy to listen to; knowledgeable and well informed; witty; relevant; superb timing. The entire tour was well organised, especially the check-in process and directions to the meeting point.
    Five Stars
    5.0 Stars Brian Cripps
  • Templar Tours Dublin Day Tours in Dublin
    Dara was brilliant. Very funny, full of interesting information.
    Five Stars
    5.0 Stars Donald Robson
  • Templar Tours Dublin Day Tour from Dublin
    The tour was interesting and helpful.
    Five Stars
    5.0 Stars Florentina Popa
  • Templar Tours Dublin Tours Dublin
    Very knowledgeable and informative guide with an excellent mix of humour and reverence.
    Five Stars
    5.0 Stars Day Michael
  • Templar Tours Dublin Tours Dublin Ireland
    Made the tour very enjoyable with great sense of humour and excellent knowledge. All questions were answered very well. We were given a tour that we will remember for a very long time.
    Five Stars
    5.0 Stars David Griffiths